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You invest enormous amounts of money upgrading your avionics, autopilots, and engines, etc.

All great investments in functionality and safety for sure.  

Somehow the interior and exterior upgrades fall way down the list of priorities.  You've been telling yourself that "one of these days I need to do something about this interior" or " I really need to fix those spots on the outside and get that paint to shine ....... might even pick up a few knots!"

The interior and exterior is where the FAA allows you the owner, to legally log renovations to your own plane!  Projects such as replacing insulation to rebuilding seats to headliners to even replacing the side windows. You can repair small surface corrosion, spot repair paint and machine buff / polish the paint to a high gloss. 

Explore all the ways that you can make your airplane phenomenal!



Learn how to confidently dig deep into the bowels of your airplane to build out an awesome interior.


Learn exactly what you can, and cannot do as a non A/P mechanic, to your own airplane.

You can legally do much more to your airplane than you might think!

The FAA spells out many of the procedures that you, the owner can do to your own airplane.

FAA Guide (AC 20-106)



Your airplane is awesome, it's airworthy and it takes you everywhere. It's time you travel in style and comfort!


1963 Piper Comanche co-owner and Leader of the Airplane Envy Membership Community. 

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Learn the tips and tricks and do's and don'ts

Choose your route to a fully custom interior!

Whether you wish to sew your interior together yourself or have a local upholsterer do it for you, we will show you the way.

For full DIYer's we will show you what type of sewing machine to buy, seat foam structure design and sewing techniques to achieve professional results from raw materials.



Down to bare bones!


For the ultimate interior restoration project, we are going to teach you how to start from scratch! 

You will learn invaluable insights about the condition of your airframe and components that are hidden behind and under the interior.




You decide the complexity of your project!


 Decide how involved you want to get in terms of time and money. 

Whether to install a third party interior package or create a fully custom interior from raw materials.

Either route you choose, you can rest easy knowing that Airplane Envy is your partner to see it through!

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